Embracing Expertise: Ms. Erin Kelley Joins UPLB's Natural Products Research Committee

Ms. Erin Therese Kelley, a volunteer from the U.S. Peace Corps, visited the College of Human Ecology. During her visit, she had a meeting with Dean Sandalo, Dr. Aimee Barrion (IHNF Director), Dr. Atienza (member of the NPDP Committee and IHNF ATD), Asst. Prof. Bagabaldo (IHNF Extension Coordinator), Asst. Prof. Cayetano (IHNF Research Coordinator), and Asst. Prof. Argañosa (CHE IRO). Ms. Kelley will be stationed at UPLB for a duration of seven months, where she will contribute her skills and expertise as a biochemist, specifically for the UPLB Interdisciplinary Studies Center on Natural Products Development Program (NPDP). The discussions mainly revolved around exploring potential research and extension opportunities between IHNF and Ms. Kelley. (RMagpantay)

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