The Institute of Human Nutrition and Food (IHNF) envisions leadership and excellence in the study and practice of human nutrition and food. Its mission is to promote optimum nutrition by advancing knowledge, cutting-edge research, and dynamic public service. The department’s thrusts are geared towards the development of the capacity of people who can provide quality nutritional care, provision of training for social preparation, and mobilization of people for active participation in their own development, development, and implementation of strategies of nutrition-oriented development programs, participation in the monitoring and evaluation of nutrition programs, assistance in the formulation and advocacy of policies to ensure food security and nutritional care, and promotion of the development and utilization of indigenous resources


The Institute has established its niche in food and nutrition research towards achieving development and food security. The Institute’s faculty members and research personnel are key experts in the rice grain quality studies, biofortification, nutrigenomics, nutrition surveillance, nutrition-sensitive food security endeavors, econutrition, and other key nutrition research fields

Extension Programs

Being in a public service university, IHNF is at the forefront of extension, as we bring nutrition, the institute and the university closer to the people. The flagship extension program of the institute is the Barangay Integrated Development Approach for Nutrition Improvement Network Program, or BIDANI. With its innovative strategies that advocate nutrition-in-development, the BIDANI Network Program is composed of 12 state universities and colleges, with IHNF-UPLB as the overall national network coordinator.