CHE Student Council
CHE Student Council


The College of Human Ecology Student Council strives to be an autonomous, democratic, and truly representative student council. It primarily aims to uphold the values of the college that seeks to empower organizations and institutions, develop human potential, sustain environmental integrity, and attain food and nutrition security.


We, the College of Human Ecology Student Council, are committed to providing COLLECTIVE effort, HOLISTIC approach, and EMPOWERING service to the students and the masses.


The mission of the CHE Student Council runs parallel to the UPLB Student Council Constitution of 1984, wherein it states in Section II of Article II: Declaration of Principles and objectives that:

The UPLB Student Council shall, at all times, strive:

To uphold a truly representative, autonomous, and democratic Student Council;

To forge unity with other sectors of the university and society towards the fulfillment of these objectives.

To serve as an active forum for student ideas and sentiments;

To promote and safeguard the rights and welfare of UPLB students in particular and the Filipino people in general;

To uphold the ideals and principles of the university that are geared towards ensuring well-rounded students in intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development;

To develop social awareness and responsibility geared towards the development of a nationalistic spirit rooted in democratic principles;

To uphold and ensure democratic participation and representations in any policy-making body which directly affects student rights and welfare, particularly in the university;

To seek and engender educational reforms for the full development of human potentials that respond to social realities and promote academic freedom;