The Department of Social Development Services (DSDS) is one of the units under the College of Human Ecology with a vision to be a center for development committed to promoting effective and sustainable human organizations and social institutions toward resilient, inclusive, and enhanced human ecosystems. The mission of the DSDS is to conduct instruction, research, and extension programs that are instrumental in the development and strengthening of organizations and social institutions to enable them to actively participate in organizing, mobilizing, and managing human and environmental resources towards economic productivity, social development, and ecological well-being. The DSDS strategically moves toward this mission through its thrusts in instruction, research, and extension

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Research and Extension Thrusts

The Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) is the umbrella program of all DSDS’s research and extension projects. It aims to conduct projects and activities that are instrumental in the development and empowerment of social organizations and institutions in the country through the following research thrusts: