CHE acknowledges the need to keep specific skills in various industries at par with the rapid advancements and evolutions of the fifth industrial era. As the only educational institution in the country that upholds the human ecological framework, CHE offers various micro-credentials through flexible educational modules that cater to a more holistic view of the current needs and demands of the industries while preparing the country’s workforce for adaptable outlooks in their respective fields of practice.

Visit https://uplb.edu.ph/academics/ for more details.

Here is the list of our micro-credentials:

  • Basics in Community Organizing for Indigenous People
  • Basics of Healthcare for Community Nutrition Workers
  • Community Profiling and Needs Assessment in IP Communities
  • Day Care Administration and Operation
  • Food and Nutrition for a Healthy Life
  • Level I: Day Care Administration and Operation
  • Level II. Empowering the Day Care Worker for Early Childhood Care and Development
  • Level III. Capacity Building for Day Care Workers on Family and Child Development
  • Micro-credential: Exploring Food and Culture
  • Micro-credential: Food and Nutrition Labeling and Other Regulations
  • Micro-credential: Principles of Econutrition
  • Micro-credential: Designing Theory-Based Community Nutrition Education Programs
  • Micro-credential: Meal Management
  • Nutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases
  • The Comprehensive Land Use Planning Process