SEAMEO SEN Explores Collaborative Opportunities at College of Human Ecology

The College of Human Ecology had the pleasure of hosting a visit from SEAMEO SEN (Special Educational Needs) during their attendance at the SEAMEO Council Conference, where the leadership was handed over from Singapore to the Philippines. Dean Riki Sandalo, Associate Dean Theresa Talavera, and IRO Nica Arganosa warmly welcomed the SEAMEO SEN representatives, along with faculty members from the Department of Human and Family Development Studies. Fruitful discussions centered around potential partnerships and collaborations related to special education for children. SEAMEO SEN was represented by Dr. Hanani Harun Rasit (Director), Mr. Mohd Zulkarnain Abdul Wahab (Head, Strategic Communication Unit), Mr. Mohd Anis Abdul Razak (Acting Head, Research and Innovation Division), and Mr. Muhammad Asyraf Maarif (Programme Supervisor).

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